We have a team of talented, enthusiastic and confident professionals who take pride in the quality of their work and the timely delivery of the projects no matter the complexity or the location.

Frank Electric Services is particularly proud of its available workforce.  From the labor to the estimator all of the employees are well trained, highly motivated individuals who excel in their specialty.  Many have been in the company for all of its 30 years history and others have been employed since the beginning of their careers, testament to the training and nurturing received from the experienced members of the team.  Employees are encouraged to upgrade their skills whenever possible and take advantage of new technologies to make the jobs more productive.  Frank Electric Services truly is a family type operation.


Frank Rodríguez




Alberto Vargas

General superintendent



Eng. Luis Cabrera

Consultant Engineer



Wanda Lopez

Safety Inspector



Rosemarie Colón

Office Administrator



Eng. Francisco O'Neill

Northern Area Manager


Eng. Jose R. Puello

Project Superintendent



Eng. Danitza Acosta

Project Coord. Estimator



Aida Caraballo

Account Receivable



Armando Rodríguez

Project Superintendent



Samuel Cruz

Project Superintendent



Aracelis Colón




Leilany Malave